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Expertise at Biosecurity Research Institute a front line for future security

January 5, 2012

K-State Today
January 5, 2012

Although tiny in size, many pathogens are an enormous threat to the food supply, economy and health of more than 300 million Americans.

Acting as a frontline offensive in this microscopic battlefield is Kansas State University’s Biosecurity Research Institute at Pat Roberts Hall. The 113,000 square foot facility is equipped with 31,000 square feet of laboratories and training facilities — all focused on securing the nation from infectious diseases.

Researchers at K-State, as well as those in industry and at the U.S. Department of Agriculture, are using the Biosecurity Research Institute, also known as the BRI, for projects focused controlling pathogens in livestock, insects and plants — all of which threaten food supplies and can cause serious illness or even death in humans.

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