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Water Investigation Lab Day at K-State Olathe's pond and labs is Urban Water Institute's first outreach program

April 12, 2012

K-State Today

More than 100 fourth- through sixth-grade students from the Shawnee Mission School District will be participating in a lab/field experience to learn more about the quality of water on the Kansas State University Olathe campus April 23 and 24.

“Water gives us an indication of the health of the planet — human and animal health relies on this water,” said Micheal Strohschein, director of K-12 science education partnerships at the Olathe campus. “Looking at the physical and biological indicators of healthy water gives us an insight into protecting species from becoming endangered or extinct — the impacts are magnified in an urban setting because of extreme environmental degradation and population density.”

High school mentors and adult volunteers will assist the students during the outdoor and indoor lab components for their field/lab experience, which is co-sponsored by One Health Kansas. Students will do water quality monitoring at the pond, and in the labs, they will identify macro invertebrates as biological indicators for the health of the water.

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