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Pathways to Public Health

Pathways to Public Health is an innovative, integrated approach to the recruitment and retention of students historically underrepresented in the food and agricultural sciences workforce. This program helps students become aware of career opportunities in public health-related professions while they attend classes at community college, helps students obtain early field experience in four public health emphasis areas relevant to food and agricultural sciences, and helps students with the transition from community college to Kansas State University where they may complete Bachelor of Science (BS) and Master of Public Health degrees. This program is partially funded by a United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Higher Education Challenge Grant.


  • Develop an Introduction to Public Health course to be delivered via distance education that will be available to K-State and Kansas Community College students — Currently available through Dodge City Community College, Johnson County Community College, Kansas City Kansas Community College, and Kansas State University
  • Develop a Summer Undergraduate Residency in Public Health at K-State Manhattan that will expose students to the four public health emphasis areas associated with K-State’s MPH program — Currently Available
  • Develop a Concurrent Bachelors/MPH program — Currently Available
  • Create the position of Director of Undergraduate Public Health Programs to coordinate program components and to mentor and advise students in PATHWAYS — Completed
  • Establish connections with the existing programs at K-State and Kansas Community Colleges that serve students from groups currently underrepresented in food, agriculture, and public health

Career Pathways in Public Health

Public health professionals may specialize in everything from food safety or biosecurity, to health administration or public health education.

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